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The idea of BGE: Focus on 750 general words + 250 individual words + basic conversational strategies that show tolerance and empathy (and are not only useful with native speakers of English) >>>

Learn English for global communication fast and effectively!

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!!! Basic Global English (BGE) Do-It-Yourself !!!

See the English video explanation on YouTube (Part 1 and Part 2).
See the Academic Background and Research on BGE (with project video clips)
Contact: Please feel free to contact Joachim Grzega ( if you have any questions.

BGE Learning and Teaching Material for

BGE Learning and Teaching Material for
Primary Schools

BGE Learning and Teaching Material for
Adult Learner Groups

BGE in the Press

1. Free copy of the book Welcome to the World for self-taught learners of all languages. Plus, ASEcoLi offers audios (MP3s Part 1 and Part 2 in ZIP files) and an accompanying book in German).

2. ASEcoLi offers German-speaking learners materials for self-taught BGE: Tickets to Basic Global English - Englisch in 111 Tagen (computerized flashcards for the learning box program Phase-6, textbook, audio files).

1. ASEcoLi offers materials for first-year learners at elementary schools (age group 7-10): Hello World!. There are two volumes:

Hand-out translations in the following languages are for free: French, German, Hungarian, Polish, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Spanish

2. Coaching Offer for Elementary Schools

For adult learner groups, ASEcoLi offers the book Welcome, Global Players (currently only a version with hints for learners of German mother tongue). ASEcoLi also offers courses (incl. higher levels [Advanced Global English]).

report on Joachim Grzega's 91-year-old BGE learner in Weißenburger Tagblatt (13 Feb 2014)

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report on the BGE partner school's reception of the "Europa-Urkunde" in BT24/Nordbayerischer Kurier (3 Dec 2011)

press release on nomination of BGE for innovation award by the DIE (24 Nov 2011)

report in the periodical of the German teacher association bpv

report in the periodical The Linguist April/May 2009

report on a lecture in the regional paper Lindauer Zeitung 7 Apr 2009

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report on BGE in the regional newspaper Nürnberger Nachrichten 2 Dec 2008

report on the elementary school project in the news of the regional TV station TV Oberfranken on 25 June 08 as well as a note on TV Oberfranken's website

report on BGE in the Frankfurter Rundschau 21 May 08

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report on BGE in the German regional daily Nordbayerischer Kurier 3 Apr 08

report on BGE in the German weekly Der Spiegel 14/2008 (on-line) (Comment by J.G./Kommentar von J.G.)

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