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Joachim Grzega as a Linguist

Since 1998 I've been working at the Katholische Universität Eichstätt in the field of linguistics; currently, I mainly act as the coordinator of the project Innovative Europäische Sprachlehre (Innovative European Language Taching) at VHS Donauwörth. I received my doctorate’s degree in Romance, English and German Linguistics in 2000. In February 2004 I received my post-doctoral degree (habilitation) in English and General Linguistics. My two main research and teaching areas are Eurolinguistics and issues connected to at universities (especially the didactic model LdL). Furthermore, I’m particularly interested in doing “linguistics for society”, which means searching for how linguistics can contribute to societal issues: I’m referring especially to economic growth, to the transformation from an information society to a knowledge society and to social peace. See also my Blog. Connected with this is my concept of "Basic Global English", which aims to enable beginners of English a rapid achievement of communicative competence. Also connected with this is my goal is to make information and knowledge accessible to a broad public. This is why I am more and more publishing my contributions on-line. On the website “Sprachwissenschaft für die Öffentlichkeit” (linguistics for the public) some of my students present their projects in a style intelligible to everybody interested in language issues. I hosted the linguistic internet periodical Onomasiology Online (OnOn) from 2000 to 2010. Since July 2004 I’ve been hosting the academic internet venue EuroLinguistiX (ELiX).

My book Europas Sprachen und Kulturen im Wandel der Zeit, Wohlstand durch Wortschatz?, Wort-Waffen abschaffen!, Europa-Quiz-Buch und European Quiz Book are written for both an academic and a lay audience. In Europoesia you can read my work as a lyricist.

On YouTube you can see videos with me (private channel, channel of Vhs Donauwörth).

You can book me (if desired together with students) for lectures, talks and workshops on the following topics:

YouTube has a number of videos with me on linguistic and didactic topics.