Curriculum Vitae

Joachim Grzega's

Research & Teaching Interests

The "keywords" to my research and teaching interests are Variational Linguistics (including diachronic variation), Comparative Linguistics and Applied or, better, Public-Oriented Linguistics.

My current research areas are:
1. Eurolinguistics (central publications: Eurolinguistisch sind auch meine Bücher Wohlstand durch Wortschatz? und Wort-Waffen abschaffen!, Europas Sprachen und Kulturen im Wandel der Zeit, Studies in Europragmatics, cf. my platform EuroLinguistiX)
2. Global English, Intercultural Communication (I have developed the model Basic Global English and create material for Advanced Global English)
3. Language/Thought/Action, Language and Peace, Socioeconomic Linguistics (central publication: Wohlstand durch Wortschatz?)
4. Onomasiology, Historical Linguistics, Etymology (from 2000 to 2010 I hosted the platform Onomasiology Online)
5. Language Teaching (own models: Basic Global English, Language Workout/Sprachworkout, Sprach-Not-Arzt/Language Emergency Doctor, Alphabet-Not-Arzt/Alphabet Emergency Doctor)
6. Teaching at University, School, and Adult Training Centers (focus: LdL/Lernen durch Lehren/Learning by Teaching, expert-layperson communication; central publication with Bea Klüsener: LdL für Pepe, Pfeiffer und die Pauker)

Here is a complete list of my publications