Basic Global English (BGE) for Adult Learner Groups


Target: Development of BGE Teaching Materials(according to the didactic model Learning by Teaching) for adult learner groups in order to allow a rapid acquisition of communicative competence: BGE for German-speaking learners

Result: the self-teaching book Welcome to the World (free download here) plus the book Welcome, Global Players! with specific learner and teacher material for adult learner groups. Currently, only a German version (sample) is available for 9.50 EUR via ASEcoLi.

Clip from the Lessons: test with emergency situation after 16 lessons (YouTube) (The teacher gives a learner an emergency situation and plays the person at the other end of the phone line. The description consciously includes unknown words. Learners cannot use gestures, only words. As the teacher knows what works and what doesn't work in international discourse, he reacts accordingly.)

Frame Conditions

16 lessons were developped and in part been experimented with at the FAW Düsseldorf. Then 10 lessons were fully used with 17 learners and 2 future BGE teachers in a first comprehensive course of BGE for adult groups at the Akademie Schönbühl. Finally, the entire material was used with 14 adult learners (see clip listed above).

Reflexions on the course can be read on this blog.

Further material:

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Last Update: 11 January 2011