Questionnaire: Word Associations

We would like to ask you to help us in a European project carried out at the University of Eichstätt and Volkshochschule Donauwörth, coordinated by Professor Dr. Joachim Grzega ( The project aims at finding out about cultural differences in the associations of international words. Filling out the questionnaire will only take about 5 minutes. Thank you very much for your assistance.
1. Which is your home country?
Austria Norway
Belgium (Dutch-speaking) Poland
Belgium (French-speaking) Portugal
Croatia Romania
Czech Republic Russia
Denmark Slovakia
Finland Slovenia
France Spain
Germany Sweden
Greece UK
Hungary Other:

2. How old are you?
0-29 60+

3. Have you ever spent more than one month in a country other than your home country?
No. Yes.

Which associations do the following words typically trigger in your country?
very negative (--)rather negative (-)neutral (o)rather positive (+)very positive (++)
4. administration
5. doctor
6. ecology
7. economy
8. manager
9. politican
10. professor

What is the typical dimension of hierarchy that your country associates with the following pairs?
...are much higher than (>>)......are a bit higher than (>)......are equal to (=)......are a bit lower than (<)......are much lower than (<<)...
11. professors ... students
12. doctors ... patients
13. top managers ... employees
14. administration people ... clients
15. shop sellers ... clients

Which element in the following does your country typically associate with higher importance?
left idea more important (>)equal (=)right idea more important (<)
16. economic ... cultural
17. economic ... social
18. economic ... ecological
19. cultural ... social
20. cultural ... ecological
21. social ... ecological
22. national ... European
23. national ... global
24. European ... global
25. good quality ... low price

What is more typical of your country
... friends or partners.... enemies or opponents.
26. In a shop, seller and client are rather like...
27. In an administration office, employee and visitor are rather like...
28. Professor and student are rather like...

29. When people from your country say "a coffee, please", they typically mean...
an espresso Other:
filter coffee
a mocca

30. What is most typical of your country in doctor-patient talk?
Doctors ask patients, patients give long answers. Doctors do not ask patients, patients just tell their problem.
Doctors ask patients, patients give short answers.

When you have finished the answers, please click on "Abschicken" (=Send). Thank you very much.

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